GC Fitout - 8 Richview Office Park - Site Specific Induction - Docusafe

GC Fitout - 8 Richview Office Park - Site Specific Induction

To be completed by all GC Fitout Personnel

GC Fitout - Unit 8, Richview Office Park - Site Specific Induction

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Richview Office Park, Clonskeagh - Landlord Refresh Project

Site Specific Induction

1. Project Description

The project involves a maintenance type project over 3 floors, GF/FF/2F and we are carrying out the following works:

·  Removing walls and floor finishes in the 1F & 2F.

·  Relamping existing lights over 3 floors

·  Enclosing existing electrical Db boards in FR enclosures on each floor

·  Replacing outdoor AC units and internal thermostats and recommission system.

· Replacing damaged ceiling tiles

·  New cubicles and vanity units to toilets over 3 floors

·  New carpet tile to landlord lobbies/stairs

·  Painting to landlord and tenant areas

2. Access and Egress & Traffic Management

2. Site-specific safety rules

All operatives are required to sign in/out daily via the site QR code.

No work is to be carried out outside unit

Suitable personal protective equipment must always be worn when on-site. As a minimum on this project, it will include a hard hat, Hi-viz vest and safety footwear.

No smoking on site

No work to start on site until all rams/spa’s/GA3/hot work permits etc. are completed.

3. Clean as you go

All Sub-Contractors are responsible for always keeping the site safe and tidy. If IIS Space management, feels this is not being adhered to on-site they will act accordingly and contra-charge for the cleaning of the site and any other areas of the building if necessary.

4. Welfare Facilities

On-site welfare facilities are provided, please refer to point number 2 above.

5. Sign-in Station/Notice Board

Please ensure when you arrive on site you carefully read the on-site notice boards, it has all of the site-specific information you require in the event of an emergency.

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Do you agree to abide by the site rules and to wear the correct PPE at all times?*
Have you been briefed on your company safety statement & project method statement?*
Are you a ‘Young Person – under 18 years of age’?*
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