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GC Fitout - Neoen Ferry House - Site Specific Induction

To be completed by all GC Fitout Personnel

GC Fitout - Neoen Ferry House - Site Specific Induction Record

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1. Project description

The works involve (but are not limited to) the following:

First Floor (Rear Part)

• Relocation to suit new cellular layout, of existing ceiling mounted AC units.

• Construction of new acoustic stud partitions with approved Gyproc system, from top to RAF to underside of ceiling.

• Installation of floor void and ceiling void acoustic barriers.

• Installation of new double-glazed sections as per layout drawings.

• Wal lining to canteen wall to conceal water supply for canteen (Gypliner system)

• Enclosing existing DB board in proposed boardroom area.

• Minor alterations to existing grid ceiling to facilitate services installations.

• Installation & reconfiguration of existing lighting, Emergency lighting and fire alarm devices to suit new   layout.

• Installation of new functional and breakout furniture

• Installation of new bespoke joinery canteen and associated appliances, dishwasher, fridge, microwave.

• Construction of new bespoke phone booth units

• Installation of associated paint grade timber doors, carpentry, and ironmongery

• Decorations to associated stud walls and woodwork. (Doors and skirtings)

• Potential vinyl wall finishes to new stud walls (Scope TBC)

• Manifestations to glazed partitions.

• Alteration of a select number of window blinds to suit new layout.

• Installation of perimeter blinds

• New vinyl flooring in the canteen area and protection and retention of existing carpet tile in all other areas.

2. Access and egress

Site entrance door will open between the hours of 0700am and 1730pm every morning. This door will be closed and only opened when permission has been approved by GCF Site Manager. All workers will access the site via the rear entrance on Warrington Place.

3. Site specific safety rules

All operatives are required to sign in/out daily via site QR code.

No works to be caried out outside unit

Suitable personal protective equipment must always be worn when on-site. As a minimum on this project, it will include a hard hat, Hi-viz vest and safety footwear.

No smoking on site

No work to start on site until all rams/spa’s/GA3/hot work permits etc. are completed.

4. Deliveries

All deliveries/site traffic shall be coordinated by site management team. All deliveries must be made via greed routes only.

5. Clean as you go

All Sub-Contractors are responsible for always keeping the site safe and tidy. If GCF management, feel this is not being adhered to on site they will action accordingly and contra charge for the cleaning of the site and any other areas of the building if necessary.

6. Lock out/tag out arrangements

Please speak with GCF Site Management prior to starting any works in the building/unit.

Please treat every service as live until it has been confirmed otherwise by the management team.

7. Welfare Facilities

On site welfare facilities are provided, please refer to point number 2 above.

8. Sign in Station/Notice Board

Please ensure when you arrive on site you carefully read the on-site notice boards, it has all of the site-specific information you require in the event of an emergency.

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