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Introducing DocuSafe

The Future of Health & Safety by Fiontar Group

Docusafe is a secure and efficient health & safety solution by Fiontar Group, providing businesses with digital forms and QR codes to streamline compliance.

The Benefits of DocuSafe


Allows full EHS Compliance


Fully customisable


Easy to use QR codes


Live information in real time

Docusafe is the latest innovation in health and safety procedures brought to you Fiontar Group. We make it easier than ever for businesses to stay on top of their health and safety requirements with our secure digital forms and QR codes.

For many years, businesses have relied on paper-based forms to collect essential health and safety information. But with Docusafe, you can quickly and easily capture all the information you need, store it securely and have instant access to valuable data when you need it to ensure compliance.

Our intuitive digital forms let you create custom health and safety forms in order to review and streamline your entire process. With QR codes, you can easily share important health and safety information with clients, contractors, operatives and stakeholders to ensure they’re aware of any changes.

Plus, Docusafe is designed to work with other systems so it can integrate with your existing processes and software. And with our data protection protocols, your information is kept secure, backed up and organised.

So why wait? Try Docusafe today and see why businesses nationwide are choosing us as their go-to source for reliable, secure and efficient health and safety solutions.